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Promote Loyal


Gain more customers by giving them a glimpse of what you have to offer!

Show off your bussines style and versitality

Simple Appointment Scheduling for customers

Reservation can be done whenever, wherever using Mobile Devices


Track Scheduled Appointments Easily


Linked Appointments done by client or merchant - allowing an easy way of trackling scheduled services.

Online Order


Promote Your Business with a Custom Mobile App. Enable food ordering from smart phones.

go3 online ordering
go3 online ordering

EzOrderNow as Company’s new product line which focus on Web and App Development for hospitality industry.

Online Order Link: www.ezordernow.com

Web Development

go3 web development

Fresh and red hot customized version of your website for your customers.

An easier way of viewing and navigating your business on smartphones and other mobile devices will be provided.

The best gift card solution.

Setup customizable gift card program that suits your business, which drives more profit and customer retention.

go3 gift card

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