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Attract New Customers and Retain Existing Ones with GO3 Rewards

GO3 Rewards isn’t just the latest app for businesses but is also the best way to introduce your new business or get your existing one out in the open.

Have you been struggling to promote your business for months or worse, for several years? Just imagine the profits you let slip or watch going through the hands of your competitors. Great thing, your much-awaited solution is here – with GO3 Rewards, you certainly can attract new customers and retain your regulars.

The Advantages of GO3 Rewards for your Business

 With various apps intended for businesses, it is understandable if you got your eyebrows raised while thinking that this is just another passing gimmick. So, to shake off your doubts and try this app for yourself, here are some significant benefits that your business can gain from GO3 Rewards:

  1.  Customized Logo for Branding Purposes

 While this is a universal app, you still get to work on your branding because it has customizable logo and business name, which your customer can see and easily access on his screen.

  1. Promote Customer Loyalty

 Your customers won’t be left guessing what you offer. You can showcase your business’ product or service’s menu and highlight your best sellers.

  1. Premium Features to Increase your Revenue

Besides being able to check-in your establishment in a tap, your customers can enjoy a whole lot of GO3 Rewards features including:

  • Gallery – where you can show off the best shots of your delectable menu, cozy rooms, or highlights of your business
  • Online Ordering System – so they can enjoy your products or book your services at the comfort of their homes
  • Push Notification – so they get to know first about your promotions, newest offers, and more
  • Reviews – so they can express their delight over your products or services, which will let you know about what they like and dislike about your business for you to serve them better
  • Rewards – which are very effective strategies to keep your loyal customers coming back to your business
  • Wallet – where they can store their reward points for redemption later on
  • Promotion – so you can always update your customers with your latest offerings
  • Membership Levels – which is a reward system intended for your royalties

GO3 Rewards is definitely a must-have app for any business that aims to increase its sales, maximize its profits, attract new customers, and retain its patrons so better try it out before your competitor does!

July 20, 2017 – Go3 Solutions Website Relaunch

Welcome to the New Website of Go3 Solutions. With our new website design, we showcase our different types of Products, from Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, Gift Cards and more.

September 28, 2012 – GO3 Gift Launched

GO3 Solutions, new player in providing innovative business solutions, launched the GO3 Gift last September 20, 2012.

The new GO3 Gift Card provides the merchants the opportunity to acquire new customers and increase brand awareness. Buyers of gift cards tend to give them out as gifts, meaning existing customers are introducing more customers to the merchants.

GO3 Gift transactions are done via several access points – traditional Point of Sale Terminals and as well as secure online transactions via the VIRTUAL TERMINAL and also its MOBILE APP which is available on the ANDROID Market and Blackberry App World. The GO3 Gift is reloadable and can be redeemed via their several access points. Customers can also check their balance online.

The GO3Gift has a user-friendly interface and is backed up with a comprehensive real-time reporting and data export. The GO3Gift card can also be used to increase customer database as profiles of the customers can be saved in the GO3 Gift System which can then be used as membership card as well.

Merchants can choose the card design that suits them from our wide range of categories. They can also customize by adding their logo and text. Merchants also receive materials to support the launch of the Go3Gift in their locations.

Dec 2, 2012 – GO3 TXT Launched

New York based innovative business solutions provider Go3 Solutions, Inc. launched GO3 TXT a SMS marketing tool used to communicate with customers anywhere, anytime by sending SMS messages directly to their mobile phones via a simple, cost-effective system.

GO3 Txt allows business to implement a cost effective mobile strategy that can grow as you achieve success. You can create bulk SMS broadcasts and
interactive SMS campaigns in an instant, all backed with our sophisticated database management tools allowing you to build valuable databases and customer relationships.

GO3 TXT provides businesses with in-store posters and table tents to increase awareness of the service and boost sign up. The sign up is specific to the business concerned.

The SMS Marketing service is powered by GO3 Solutions global mobile transaction platform, designed to manage mobile messages and data reliability between all mobile operators at the fastest possible speeds. GO3 ensures that text marketing messages are delivered in a rapid and secure method.

GO3 TXT is now available, and for a limited period, all local businesses can avail of the FREE 30 day trial, promo end Dec 31, 2013. You can find out more via www.go3txt.com.